Native Philippine Birds Tote Bag


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Here’s a fun way to learn more about our native birds! This canvas tote bag features colorful birds endemic tp the Philippines — a pair of male & female Culasisi parrots, the Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove, the Philippine Green Pigeon, the Azure-breasted Pitta, a Handsome Sunbird and a Flaming Sunbird, the Philippine Trogon, and a White-lored Oriole. Common and scientific names are provided so you can identify them in the wild.

The bag measures 12″ (w) by 14″ (h) and has a 4″ wide bottom base. The straps measure  about 23″ long from end to end and are 1″ wide. The design is digitally printed using the sublimation technique which is said to be more eco-friendly and sustainable than other garment printing methods such as silkscreen.


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Dimensions 4 × 12 × 14 in